Siding repair and installation can be a difficult task on your own. Our experts are here to help replace or repair that old siding along with your house. At Calahan Bath and Kitchen, we don’t just specialize in interior remodels, we have also taken on hundreds of exterior projects for years. Our Delaware contractors bring a level of professionalism and expertise that many other contractors can’t compete with. By working alongside you, we will pick the perfect materials that completely change the feel and look of your home.

Benefits of Working with Calahan Bath & Kitchen

There are many benefits of working with our company on your remodel or repair. We believe in finishing completely before moving on to the next project, backing our work up with extended warranties, and delivering a top-notch experience.


Be Our Next Remodeling or Renovation Customer

If you live in Northern or Southern Delaware, Calahan Bath will be ready to provide a quick turnaround so that your repair is a thing of the past. Don’t let another summer of power washing that old vinyl goes by! Call us today and we will tailor a special package just for you so that you can rest assured that your needs are being met. If you live in the Pennsylvania or New Jersey area, we promise to act just as quickly and deliver the same level of proficiency that all our other customers are used to getting.

Not sure if you need a new siding installation?  Maybe you don’t.  But even if it’s as simple as a fascia wrap, or soffit services and soffit installation, we are the pros you can rely on one to get the job done.  Reach out today and let’s make your home the best version of itself it can be.