Kitchen Remodeling

As with any area, a kitchen remodels in Delaware can be a large undertaking. You want to make sure you choose a kitchen remodeling contractor that not only delivers quality and professionalism but also delivers it at a fair price. Calahan Bath & Kitchen is that company. In addition to remodeling or renovating a kitchen, we can also help to replace your kitchen cabinets, reface your kitchen cabinets, replace your countertops, flooring, or more.

Most importantly, we are the kitchen renovation company of choice in your area. If you are simply looking to spice up your cooking area with a new subway tile backsplash or installing that dream farmhouse sink, we are the premier choice in the Delaware and surrounding areas. We take our customers inside the kitchen design process and share ideas that ultimately lead to a dream come true.

Benefits of Working with Calahan Bath & Kitchen

There are many benefits of working with our company on your remodel or repair. We believe in finishing completely before moving on to the next project, backing our work up with extended warranties, and delivering a top-notch experience.


  • Full Kitchen Remodel or Renovation
  • New Cabinet Installation
  • Cabinet Refacing
  • Tile Backsplash
  • Appliance Installation
  • Countertop Replacement
  • Kitchen Design Services
  • Farmhouse Sink Installation

…and much more

We are always working with our customers to make sure they feel comfortable with every step of the process.  We also understand that a project of a full kitchen remodel can be quite costly.  While we do offer financing, there are other less costly kitchen renovations that we specialize in.  Cabinet refacing or cabinet resurfacing is another way to bring your kitchen back to life.

For those customers who have a specific style or vision in mind, we offer our customers a unique remodeling approach to their new kitchen. Firstly, this involves a multiple visit process where we discuss the options you want such as the details of your kitchen remodel, cabinets, flooring, faucets, appliances, etc.. Second, we return with what we refer to as a “budget proposal”. Thus, this gives you a ballpark price on where you stand with your custom remodel. Subsequently, with a unique kitchen remodel, we will even discuss aspects such as plumbing, electrical, ventilation, framing, and drywall in detail with you. Above all, we want you to be aware of every aspect involved with this process.

After you decide that you want to work with us at Calahan Bath & Kitchen, we then bring in our designer to work with you on the product selection of your items. Ultimately, this can include new cabinetry, refacing existing cabinetry, tile, hardwood flooring, paint colors and more.

During the period of finalizing your selections, we present you with your exact proposal for the project in detail. So, this can include everything down to the kitchen designs, faucet styles, colors and much more. In the end, our goal is to give you, the homeowner, a top-notch experience in preparation of your kitchen remodel. What you will really be pleased with when we come to remodel your kitchen is our installation team.

We truly believe that we have the best kitchen installers around. In fact, they take pride in what they do. So too they love to give our customers an experience that will have them smiling from ear to ear.

Above all, our kitchen installers understand that our reputation for excellence it what continues to make us successful. Similarly, they are trained to go the extra mile for our customers. You as the homeowner took a chance to work with us, so, we believe in showing you that your choice of kitchen contractor was a good one!

Since 2016, Calahan Bath & Kitchen has remodeled hundreds of bathrooms and kitchens throughout Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Specifically, we take pride in the fact that we offer a streamline remodeling experience to our clients and can take on those projects successfully that other companies turn away. We are a specialty remodeling company mainly engaged in remodeling bathrooms and kitchens. Thus, we are in a position to be your top choice to remodel your kitchen.

Be Our Next Kitchen Remodeling or Renovation Customer

As you do your research on companies in your area that you may consider for your kitchen renovation, remember that you want a kitchen contractor. A Delaware kitchen contractor that specializes is more likely to be a master of that one trade instead of being a jack of all trades. The first step to knowing your options and how to proceed with your kitchen remodel is contacting us at Calahan Bath & Kitchen. Your free, no-obligation design consultation will help put you on the right path to the kitchen of your dreams.


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