Why Sunrooms Are a Must-Have for Every Delaware Home fi

Why Sunrooms Are a Must-Have for Every Delaware Home

Ah, Delaware, with its stunning seasons, rich history, and serene landscapes! If there’s one feature every Delaware home should have to enjoy this beauty year-round, it’s a sunroom. Let's dive into why sunrooms have become a cherished addition for Delaware homeowners. 1. Embrace All Four Seasons Delaware is blessed with a showcase of seasons –…

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do i need blinds on a glass sunroom featured image

Do I Need Blinds on a Glass Sunroom?

Blinds in a glass sunroom are not a necessity, but they can provide several benefits depending on your preferences and needs. Here are four reasons why you might be swayed to adding blinds in a glass sunroom: 1. Privacy: Blinds can offer privacy by blocking the view from the outside. This can be particularly useful…

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Bring the Outside Inside for a sunroom

Optimizing Your Sunroom: Bring the Outside In

You've got yourself a brand-new sunroom, and you love it! But despite the sun's warmth on your face, it still feels like nature isn't as close as you'd like it to be. So what can you do? Well, lucky for you, Calahan Bath has had plenty of experience building sunrooms for our clients. And fortunately,…

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