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At Calahan Bath & Kitchen, we have been asked a lot of questions over the years by our clients. We’ve put together this shortlist for our prospective clients’ benefit. If you have any questions beyond these, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to answer them!

Though the company was formed in early 2016, the owner, Dan Calahan’s experience dates back 20 years.  Starting out of high school working for his step-father’s company, Dan has steadily been involved in the home improvement industry in many facets.

The simple answer…yes.  If someone works at this company, they are required to pass these checks.  At Calahan Bath & Kitchen, we believe that the difference in what we offer is our people.  Not a product or service, but the quality of our people.

Our warranties will vary depending on the project.  However, they can extend up to lifetime warranties.  This means that as long as you live in your home, your project would be under our warranty.

You should expect professionalism at all times.  First, perfection does not exist.  We strive for it with each project.  But just know that if something does not go to plan, we will always handle it as professionals while trying to maintain a 5-star experience for our client.

We accept cash, check, credit cards and our in-house financing programs.

At Calahan Bath & Kitchen, we specialize in Bathrooms and Kitchens.  However, we also have provide full home renovations.  This includes roofing, windows, siding, basement remodels, and additions (to name a few).

The answer to that question can vary.  It truly depends on what your project is, as well as the size and scope of your project.  An acrylic shower replacement can take 1-2 days.  Whereas a full, custom kitchen remodel can take 4-8 weeks depending on what is being done.  Every project is different.  However, we will always give you an expected timeline prior to starting.

A major problem in the home remodeling industry is when installers do not show up.  We do not do this to our clients.  When you are assigned a crew from Calahan Bath & Kitchen, your project is the only project they work on until completion.  We will not try to juggle multiple clients with one crew.  However, depending on the size and complexity of your project, it may be impossible to be there every day as we may have to wait for certain items that cannot be ordered until after a certain point in the installation.  Also, please understand that our installers are human beings.  They get sick, they have kids who may get sick.  Life can get in the way.  If that happens, we will always call and update you as soon as we understand the schedule may change for that day.

No, you do not have to be there.  Though we do need a contact number where you are available and we will need access to your home.  It is better if you can be there so if something should arise on the project, we can show it to you.  But we understand you may have to work or have personal commitments.  We always try to work out what is best for both parties.


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